Transparent Wood

Clear, insulative, and robust, our transparent wood offers numerous benefits over alternatives - and expands the realm of what's possible.

Super Clear, No Glare

Not only clear, transparent wood also can channel light, reducing glare and making interiors more comfortable.



Stronger and Safer

Transparent wood can bear weight loads and doesn't shatter, making it highly desirable for many uses.



Amazingly Insulative

Transparent wood saves energy usage and money given it's 3x more insulating than glass.



Sustainable & Biodegradable

Transparent wood is grown responsibly, and it avoids the disposal challenges that exist with other materials.

Transparent Wood
Material Background

Transparent Wood

Transparent wood is created via a revolutionary process that involves the removal of lignin and the addition of a polymer. The resulting material is clear yet robust.

As a result, transparent wood is ideal for a number of applications from buildings and furniture to solar panels and electronics.